Experimental Range

  • Product Security

    PTS(SAFETY) adheres to quality principle of 'Being Fair; Scientific; Precise and Highly effective'. A texting system with advanced and comprehensive texting equipment as well as professional staff have been established through years experience of providing good service to electronics makers and certification authorities either in domestic and overseas...

  • EMC

    EMC, one of the most important index of product quality, is a comprehensive assessment to electronic products in EMI and EMS.Composed by a group of experienced specialists and consultants who have years' experience in EMC testing, countermeasures, certification, our senior technical PTS team with high effectiveness can provide PCB Layout...

  • Physical Chemistry

    PTS physical and chemical laboratory is operated according to ISO/IEC 17025. Based on our rich specialized knowledge and experience, we supply and develop solutions to customers to add their product value. The scope of laboratory service covers petrochemical industry, toy industry, auto industry, food industry, textile goods, electronics, etc...


Certification Scope

  • Certification in Asia

  • Certification in North America

  • Certification in Europe

  • Certification in Africa

  • Battery Lab
  • EMC Lab
  • RFID Lab
  • Safety Lab
  • Harmful Substance Testing Lab

Cooperative Clients


Hopeck is a independent third agent, which specializes electronic product testing, product certification and consulting services. At present we have built two large laboratories in Southern China, and both of them are accepted by TUV and UL...More+

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